Terms & Conditions Amsterdam Exchange Experience

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  1. If you are visiting Euronext Amsterdam (hereafter referred to as the Amsterdam Exchange Experience) you must register with the Amsterdam Exchange Experience reception desk before starting the tour.
  2. All those participating in the tour must have proof of identification (passport, ID card or driving licence). If you are unable or unwilling to do so, we cannot admit you to the tour.
  3. Employees of the Amsterdam Exchange Experience can bar you from participating in or continuing the tour if they have grounds for doing so.
  4. You are required to behave as a good guest with respect to your attitude, clothing (guests should be properly dressed), and behaviour. You are of course expected to respect the property of the Amsterdam Exchange Experience, and refrain from damaging or stealing anything.
  5. Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire building.
  6. You are not permitted to eat or drink during the tour.
  7. You are allowed to take photographs.  However, you are not allowed to take photographs of the exchange floor.
  8. If necessary, the management of the Amsterdam Exchange Experience has the right to cancel or interrupt the tour.
  9. All visitors participate in the Amsterdam Exchange Experience at their own risk.
  10. Unless it is intentional, neither the Amsterdam Exchange Experience nor its employees, tour guides or other persons who are directly or indirectly associated with the Amsterdam Exchange Experience shall be liable for any damages of any kind, including consequential damages, which are in any way the result of or related to participation in the Amsterdam Exchange Experience, unless and in so far as exclusion of liability is not legally permissible.
  11. The Amsterdam Exchange Experience is any case not liable for any form of damage that is the direct or indirect result of:
    1. The actions and influence of employees and other persons who carry out work for the Amsterdam Exchange Experience, or of other users of the building at  Beursplein 5 .
    2. The fact that the visitor has not adhered to the General Conditions.
  12. The Amsterdam Exchange Experience is not liable for the loss or theft of your personal property.
  13. Visitors are not permitted to carry bags or other items indicated by the Amsterdam Exchange Experience during the tour. These items must be stowed in a locker before the tour starts, and coats should be hung in the cloakroom of the Amsterdam Exchange Experience.
  14. In all cases for which the General Conditions make no provision, the decision of the management of the Amsterdam Exchange Experience, an employee of the Amsterdam Exchange Experience, shall be binding. 

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